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Why should my College join the Tertiary College Group?

Because the Tertiary College Group offers specialist support and guidance to Tertiary Colleges through policy seminars, informal networking and direct contact with key organisations in education and training.

What is so special about Tertiary Colleges?

Tertiary Colleges offer a truly comprehensive range of 16 -19 provision (and often 14 -19 provision) encompassing academic study, vocation and specialist programmes under one organisation.  They offer programmes from foundation level to level three and beyond with well defined progression routes for their students.

What place do Tertiary Colleges have in their communities?

The TCG believes that Tertiary Colleges are an outstanding community resource. They play a key role in partnership working within (and sometimes beyond) their local authority area.  They play a key role in 14 -19 partnerships, economic development and regeneration and they foster lifelong learning routes for their communities.  In addition, many Tertiary Colleges have been judged by the national inspection service, OFSTED, to be outstanding colleges. 

Why should my College join another membership group?

Because the TCG works collaboratively with other membership groups such as the AoC (Association of Colleges), but provides in depth expertise, targeted support and guidance on tertiary college matters.