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Aid that's more than a pipe dream

Barnsley College

Aid that’s more than a pipe dream


A PROJECT to provide Kenyan villagers with clean water has received a flow of support from Barnsley College students.


23 year old student Eva Kimaru inspired her classmates to raise £200 for the Gacharu Water Project, a campaign set up by her father Rev Benson Kimaru, to lay water pipes in his family’s home village.


Many villagers in Gacharu currently walk over three miles to get water from the river. The aim of the project is to provide sanitation as well as ready access to clean water.


The students from the College’s Learning for Living and Work Programme* held a cake sale and sponsored silence for this cause and with the money they raised the village will be able to pay for 100 lengths of water pipe.


Eva delivered the money to the village in person when she recently visited Gacharu for the first time in five years. Her Tutor, Anita Heatherglen, said: “Eva is excited to be going back and feels that taking the money with her will make the villagers very happy.


“As a College we are very proud of the contribution students make to worthy causes at home and abroad.  I think it’s even more rewarding when students gain insight into the lives of those who benefit from their work. The students have learned how lucky they are and that they can take things for granted”.